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Kitchenwebb Catering Services offers packed meals for office lunch, seminars, conferences, events & exhibitions, you can choose from our endless varieties of Filipino dishes as well as Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian and other International cuisines.

Special Packed Lunch, and PM Snack Menu Selections

Choice of One Vegetable Dish
(Served with Pandan Rice)

1. Tossed Green Salad with one choice of Dressing
• Caesar
• Raspberry Vinaigrette
• Creamy Ranch

2. Buddha’s Delight with minted Sinamak Dip

3. Lumpiang Ubod with Sweet Sampalok Sauce

4. Glazed Assorted Vegetables

5. Vegetables in Crème an Glace

6. Korean Bean Sprouts

7. Chopsuey

8. Tougue and Tofue Guisado

Choice of One Pasta or Specialty Noodles
1. Pasta Putanesca

2. Creamy Pesto Carbonara

3. Bolognese Pasta

4. Tinapanade Pasta with olives , tomato and speckle of kamias

5. Angel Hair Pasta in Adobo Oil Sauce Top with Adobo Flakes Salted Eggs and Mango Relish

6. Special Sotanghon Guisado

7. Crispy Canton with braised vegetables meat and mushrooms

8. Special Jacphe Noodles Done our way…

All timers Fave!!!

Choice of One Chicken Dish
1. Garlicky Chicken

2. Kobe Style Chicken

3. Chicken Pastel De Lengua

4. Roasted Rosemary Chicken

5. Chicken Tepanaki

6. Chicken Yakitori

7. Chicken Tender Salpicao

8. Jamaican Jerk Chicken

9. Boneless Grilled Maple Glazed Chicken

10. Chicken Skewers with special Tzatziki sauce

Choice of One Seafood Dish
1. Fish Fillet in Mango Beurre Blanc Sauce

2. Fish Fillet Crunch with Aioli Miso Sauce

3. Crispy Shrimp Wonton in Thai Pineapple Sauce

4. Mixed Seafood and Prawns Tempura (Add Php 50 per head)

5. Almond Crusted Norwegian Salmon (Add Php75 per head)

6. Coconut Crusted Calamares with Mango Mayo sauce

7. Poached Fish in Soy Mirin Ginger Sauce

8. Fish Wrapped in Pandan Leaves with tamarind sauce

Choice of One

1. Molded Mango Tapioca

2. Tiramisu

3. Pandan Custard

4. Molded Buko Lychee

5. Amaretto Coffee Jelly (individually served in espresso cup)

6. Chocolate Éclair and Cream Puff Sugar Glazed

7. Decadent Squares

8. Double Fudgy Brownies

9. Caramel Cake Bites

Choice of One
Tetra Juice Or Water

Special Packed Lunch, and PM Snack Menu Selections

• Chicken Pesto

• Mixed Adobo

• Menudo

• Corned Beef

• Tuna Apple Bee

• Crab Supremo

• Sausage and Caramelized Onions

• Special Ensaymada

• Empanada

• French toast with Maple Sauce

• Congee Bar

• Pancit Puti

• Pancit Lug Lug

• Arroz Caldo

• Pasta Carbonara

• Cheesy Spaghetti

• Baked Zitti

• Baked Bechamel Macaroni

• Pasta Putanesca

• Pesto Pasta

• Served with Garlic Herbed Bread or Puto Manampla


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  1. hi! I am looking for a caterer for my daughter’s first birthday on July 26, 2012. Party will be from 3pm to 6pm. Can you suggest a menu for 30 kids and 50 adults. I am also looking for a venue around Manadaluyong or Q.C., hope you can suggest some. Thank you!

  2. hi, i would just like to know if you cater for fisrt birthday and how much is your package for 20 kids and 50 adults. The event will be on oct 11 at greenbelt 5. Thanks

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